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Name Change

After speaking with the Publisher, ILF Publishing, it has been decided that we should change our blog name. The reason is that people have been writing to us asking questions and making comments about the book, which they should be doing with the Publisher. It seems that some confusion might have arisen from our use of the name Islamic Literary Foundation. Islamic Literary Foundation is not run by us but is owned by ILF Publishing, Inc. and it is they who are the publishers of the Tafsir as well as other future books. We have worked with them, and enjoyed our experience immensely, and were granted permission to upload some parts of the works here.  However, any requests concerning the books should be made to the publisher on their website: www.ilfpress.com and not to us.

Thanks for the understanding, and we hope you enjoy the Tafsir. Please visit their website to see what other books they are working on.

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