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Name Change

After speaking with the Publisher, ILF Publishing, it has been decided that we should change our blog name. The reason is that people have been writing to us asking questions and making comments about the book, which they should be doing with the Publisher. It seems that some confusion might have arisen from our use of the name Islamic Literary Foundation. Islamic Literary Foundation is not run by us but is owned by ILF Publishing, Inc. and it is they who are the publishers of the Tafsir as well as other future books. We have worked with them, and enjoyed our experience immensely, and were granted permission to upload some parts of the works here.  However, any requests concerning the books should be made to the publisher on their website: www.ilfpress.com and not to us.

Thanks for the understanding, and we hope you enjoy the Tafsir. Please visit their website to see what other books they are working on.

Book Reader


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Title: Tafsir as-Sa’di

ISBN: 978-0-985803-30-8

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 7 x 10

Page Count: 664 pgs

Price: $45.99

Surahs covered: 6

Juz covered: 8 1/2

Just got an update on how to order the book. An order can be placed with the distributor by sending an email to books4135@gmail.com.  Please write your name and address in the email.

That is all the info we have currently.  For more information please visit www.ilfpress.com.

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Hanbali Fiqh

Since there is a lack of Hanbali Fiqh available to the English reader, I felt that it would be good to place some excerpts from Hanbali Fiqh manuals. I will start with Imam al-Sā‘dī’s fiqh work, Minhāj al-Sālikīn, which is a unique work, as anyone who has studied the treatise can tell you.  It is encompassing, containing the most important rulings, while at the same time being compact, allowing one to easily read, understand, and memorize the rulings.  Various rulings are not provided on a subject, rather he chooses the strongest opinion with its supporting evidences from the Qur’an and Sunnah.  It is an excellent work for those who are starting in their study of fiqh.

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Hello world!

Assalamu alykum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuh, 

Welcome to my blog, here insh’Allah I will be adding translated excerpts of Classical Islamic Books. Insh’Allah some of them are being translated by brothers and may appear at your local bookshop, with the aid of Allah.  I will also review books that I am currently reading or have read.  It will be limited to books that are in English, as that is the medium that I wish to work in.  Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, or if you deem that the translation of some of the work may be incorrect.  I am always open to criticism, but please do it in an Islamic and professional manner.  May Allah bless us and guide us all, and place within our hearts the desire to seek out and study this beautiful religion of ours, Ameen.


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